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Thursday, September 23

U.S. Not Interested in Fighting World Hunger

So I was reading Italian news and I see that the vatican honchos are really pumped about what happened at the UN on Monday with the world leaders. Hosted by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, a meeting with representatives of 110 countries, committed themselves to accelerate the campaign to reduce the number of poor in the world by half, and to allocate funds for the struggle against hunger and misery. The vatican says that they have to come up with innovative ways to fund the struggle against hunger and misery in the world and much more must be done to achieve the target of $50 billion annually to cover the Millennium Worldwide Goals for 2015.

You know that since President Bush took office that there are more homeless people, more hungry people and more poor people in the United States. So what has the U.S. pledged to do to fight hunger in the world? To help the 1 billion people worldwide who live in abject poverty?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. According to an article in the Scotsman, "...the US poured cold water on the project, with the leader of the American delegation, agriculture secretary Ann Veneman, dismissing it.

"Economic growth is the long-term solution to hunger and poverty," she told the meeting. "Global taxes are inherently undemocratic. Implementation is impossible.""

Hmmm. Economic growth? We are doing a fine job of that here at home and in the countries we are liberating aren't we? Can you imagine the guys at the U.N. rolling their eyeballs? Know what one of the things that was suggested that might be taxed? A tax on the sale of heavy arms. Wow, a lot of money would be raised for poor people if heavy arms were taxed these days. Weeee Doggy! Actually the 100 or so world leaders were throwing out ideas as to how to raise money to feed people and nothing was written in stone. They were brainstorming.

Some at the U.N. had the audacity to suggest that hunger and poverty are breeding grounds for terrorism. Some even suggested that it's immoral for most of the world to be well fed while others starve especially since we can feed them. Imagine that the U.S. home to the fattest people on the planet (not to mention home to starving people as well) didn't want to help.

I wonder how many homeless people the world leaders and Ann Veneman saw on their way to the UN? Or did the NYPD drag net the streets before they arrived?

UPDATE: I wrote the above last night before I went to bed. This morning, only the Miami Herald had a story on this. It starts off:
You may never have noticed if you read most U.S. newspapers, or watch American television, but 113 countries -- not including the United States -- teamed up at the United Nations this week to demand a tax on arms sales to fight world hunger.
and ends with this:
Rather than dismissing the proposal out of hand -- and, once again, coming across as the world's evil superpower -- the Bush administration should have embraced the tax on arms sales with a twist: that its proceeds only go to democratic countries that pursue responsible economic policies.

Barring a ban on arms sales -- which would be even better, but has little chance of getting support in Washington -- it's an idea whose time has come.
UPDATE AGAIN: I was just looking at pictures from Haiti and reading about the thousand people or so who drowned in the floods from Tropical storm Jeanne. They are digging mass graves. Bodies are everywhere. 30,000 are homeless. Oh my god. Found an article Deadly flooding blamed on poverty

UPDATE AGAIN; Dear God, we really need a god. People suck.Bid to Save Tax Refunds for the Poor Is Blocked Tom DeLay of course is one of those who is fighting to keep poor people in America down.

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