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Wednesday, September 29

They Will Stop At Nothing To Win

Since their man is a bumbling AWOL fool who makes Clinton look like a saint, the GOP has to resort to even dirtier politics this time completely disregarding any scrutiny of their tactics. They simply don't care. They are counting on the ignorance and brainwashed masses to help them succeed.

They are painting Bushie as the underdog because he isn't good at talking like the fancy pants folks. Have the masses missed the part that Bush went to Yale and Harvard? Are the masses so stupid that they want a bumbling idiot president who's just like them? Is this a national suicide wish or what?

I wonder if Jebby thinks that all the hurricanes were sent by god to take Florida off the hook when it comes to the elections. I was just thinking of that Florida congresswoman who mentioned the stolen election and that congress went nuts on her and retracted her comment... yet the stories all over the news revolve around the "stolen election of 2000".

In Orlando, those who would normally lead Democratic voters to the polls are under "investigation" by the state police, known as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), which reports directly to Governor Jeb Bush.

Jimmy Carter says we're still seeking a fair Florida vote.

In Ohio, voter registrations don't count unless they are printed on the proper weight paper! 1000's ballots are being returned. These will not be returned in time for the registrants to be included in this election.

Yesterday I was speaking to a good friend of mine I hadn't spoken to in a while. He told me that one of his friends apologized for voting for Bush last time but he was forced to by his school district. He's a teacher. I remarked that it doesn't matter who you vote for. They don't check. My friend said, yes they do. Then I thought of what happened to me 2 years ago:

I ran into several people I hadn't seen in a while at the polls. We signed in to vote and were waiting on line. We mixed ourselves up in the line because we were all chatting with each other. No one voted in the order that we signed up for. It was noted by an observer who reported it to the lady at the desk who signed us in. The lady at the desk went ballistic on us telling us that we can't vote out of order. It's not allowed.

I indicated to her that it shouldn't matter at all. We signed up. We voted. She indicated that it does matter what order you vote in and that you HAVE TO vote in the order that is on the list. I explained that the only way it should matter is if they are monitoring who is voting for whom. She said that no one checks who we vote for because it's illegal. I said that it shouldn't matter then. The election ladies went crazy marking stuff all over the list trying to make a note that the 6 of us messed up the line. She tried to find out exactly what order we voted in afterall. We then pretended that we couldn't remember and kept changing our story. She threatened to make our votes null and void. We shrugged and left not even considering that she could do such a thing... but maybe they could?

Maybe this is a 3rd world country with nukes.

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