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Wednesday, September 15

These Guys Are Good

There is nothing but bad news about Dan Rather's lack of credibility. So I guess the testimony by that Barnes guy got washed away in the document forgery story. Damn, they're good. One article says that CBS has done severe damage to the American Free Press. DAAAYAAAMM!

You all read Winding Road in Urban Area, right? Well Jaye posted a link to this new DNC commerical. This commercial is loaded. Send the link to everyone.

I really have to hand it to the American media. See article "What Freedom of the Press?" I posted yesterday.

Speaking of watching stuff... If you have the Sundance Channel, look for the movie, Uncovered. It's about the lies and bullshit leading up to and during the Iraq War. Maybe Sundance is the progressive hope channel. They also had a documentary about the making of the film, Cool Medium. It's a must watch.

Yesterday after I almost swallowed my tongue after reading at the All Spin Zone, a favorite read of mine, and Spin Dentist's post revealing the shocking story that Lush Bimbo was now an official "tool" for the Bush/Cheney Campaign, I have collected myself and will provide you this link. He says he is an upaid advisor. I believe that that legally absolves him of being sued for being a bullshit artist. Can you believe Rush is going out with Daryn Kagan of CNN? She is so pretty and I thought she was smart too. She could do much better than him. What was she thinking? Sometimes women disappoint the hell out of me.

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