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Saturday, September 18

Still Fuming From Yesterday

by Blondesense

I still believe that if Laura Bush actually believed in her husband's war and was not a stepford wife, she would have embraced Sue Niederer, brought her to the stage, held her and said, "No, Mrs. Niederer, your son didn't die in vain. He died serving our country in a most valiant way. (stroking her hair) My husband and I deeply respect the sacrifice that Americans have offered to free the Iraqi's from slavery and oppression and to make America a safer place. You are true patriot, Mrs. Niederer and I thank you."

But No. Someone in the audience told Mrs. Niederer that her son CHOSE to fight in that war. Can you imagine? Can you feel my blood boiling? Laura Bush had nothing to say about that either. She didn't correct that nasty person in the audience who just got finished hypnotically chanting, "Four More Years" over and over by saying, "No one chose to fight in that war. Saddam Hussein forced us to fight in that war in order to save future generations of Americans." But no. Nothing.

Laura just went about her speech after the distressed woman whose son died in Iraq was arrested.

"Bush touted her husband's record on improving the economy and fighting the war on terror and told the crowd of GOP supporters gathered at a firehouse that they must work hard to secure his re-election.

Although most of her half-hour speech focused on economic issues, Mrs. Bush made several references to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. She said that many in New Jersey, including some in neighborhoods near the firehouse, lost family members that day.

"Too many people here had a loved one that went to work in New York that day," Bush said. "It's for our country, it's for our children, our grandchildren that we do the hard work of confronting terror." " -KCBS

And Sue Niederer was kept in the back of a truck for 40 minutes while Laura Stepford delivered the drivel.

Conclusion: Laura, George, Dick, Colin, Condi, et al don't give a flying fuck about anyone who fights and dies in Iraq. They are more concerned with getting elected on November 2nd. They have not one ounce of compassion nor do they have the skills to ad lib or even think for themselves to even back up their scripted rally speeches. They don't know what to say or do when real life interferes in their Rovian script. This has nothing to do with keeping terrorists out of rallies as there have been no terrorists arrested at any GOP rallies. The only people being arrested are concerned tax paying citizens who have sacrificed for our country time and time again while Laura and George slide on by with nary a scratch. Laura Bush is evil. She is not a real woman. Sure she might have a uterus but that was a freak of nature.

Anderson Cooper spoke to Sue Niederer last night on CNN:

COOPER: ....Yesterday, protester Sue Niederer was removed from a rally for First Lady Laura Bush. Then look, she's about to get arrested right here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't want to arrest you, ma'am.


SUE NIEDERER, LOST SON IN IRAQ WAR: Go ahead, come on. Arrest me, right in front of everybody. Go ahead!


COOPER: She had been wearing a shirt with a picture of her son, Army Lieutenant Seth de Voren (ph), who'd been killed in Iraq. She said she only wanted to ask the first lady a question but was shouted down by the crowd chanting "Four more years." Niederer was eventually arrested outside for trespassing.

Earlier today, I talked with her about what happened.

Sue, why did you go to the Laura Bush speech and yell out at her?

NIEDERER: I went to the Laura Bush speech for one reason, and the reason was to ask a question of Laura Bush and to receive an answer from her.

COOPER: And the question was?

NIEDERER: The question was very simple. Why, if this war is justified, and we need to be over there fighting terrorism, why aren't her children, senators', legislators', congressmen's children over there spending their time and fighting for this just cause?

COOPER: Did you really expect to get an answer, though? I mean, was this more to make a point?

NIEDERER: No, this was to get an answer for her -- or from her, or to have her come and have possibly her people pull me aside and say to me, Sue, we would like to speak to you later on. Mrs. Bush would like to address you personally.

COOPER: Why is this so important to you to get this answer to this question?

NIEDERER: Because I think it's extremely unfair that there's only three (UNINTELLIGIBLE), three people fighting in Iraq, or even actually -- excuse me, in the military at this point. Why do they not send their own children over, if this is such a justified war? And we need to be over there, why aren't they allowing their own children to go over and fight for this cause?

COOPER: Well, I guess, I mean, just to play devil's advocate, there is not a draft, so it's not a question of forcing anyone to go. Your son volunteered, the others who are there have volunteered.

NIEDERER: That is correct. But what's going to happen when there is going to be a draft, which it probably will be? Are these people going to have their children be drafted and go over there? Or is it going to be the same complacent thing? They are going to get out of the draft, or they will not serve any time in a war zone, just as Mr. Bush himself has not.

COOPER: Sue, you had a T-shirt, and on it said, "President Bush killed my son." Do you really believe that?

NIEDERER: Absolutely. He is the commander in chief of this country and this nation. Without him, we would not be at war. We would not have gone anywhere into Iraq. And he -- without his permission, we don't go anywhere or do anything. So he is totally responsible for everything in this country.

COOPER: What did you get arrested for? I mean, we see that videotape where police are arresting you. What was the charge? Because you were basically just talking to reporters (UNINTELLIGIBLE) you were outside the hall.

NIEDERER: Disruptive trespassing is what they charged me with.

COOPER: And how were you treated?

NIEDERER: By the Hamilton police, very well. They were -- except for the fact that they rode me around and kept me in the parking lot for approximately 40 minutes. Once I reached the station, they were wonderful.

COOPER: You know, Sue, the, a lot of people say, you know, you have the right to ask this question, but not in the way you did, it was disrespectful. You know, Laura Bush should be able to give a speech without somebody interrupting it.

NIEDERER: If I was disrespectful, so was everybody else in there that is chanting "Four more years," "Go, Bush, go," and whatever else they were chanting. That's -- it's called freedom of speech. I had a right to ask a question and ask or do just the same as anyone else that was standing there chanting, yelling, and screaming.

COOPER: Sue Niederer, we appreciate you joining us and talking about what you did and your son, Lieutenant Seth de Voren. Thanks very much, Sue.

NIEDERER: Thank you.

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