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Sunday, September 19

Still crazy over Laura

We've been on fire this week here at the blog with many good discussions about what is wrong with this country, how did it get that way, how can we change it and who the hell is passing out that koolaid.

I'm still fuming over Laura Bush as I have been for several days. She ignored the mother of a son who made the ultimate sacrifice for Laura's husband's folly in Iraq. I don't care that the woman "trespassed". What the hell is it with the Bush Crime Family and their trespassing laws at election rallies? Their oaths of loyalty? What year is it? What country is this?

Niederer was accused of striking people in the audience. She denies that she hit anyone. It wasn't reported in any other articles except this article pointed out by Jesus' General:
"After the speech, Assemblyman Bill Baroni, R-Hamilton, referred to Niederer allegedly striking a spectator. "She really ought to find something to do with her time," he said, adding that 1,200 audience members "had a great time."

The event planners were prepared for such an outburst.

Event volunteer Karolina Zabawa, 20, described her duties: "If anybody acts up, I just start chanting, `Four more years!'"

Bush Jugend? Oh my. And the mom of a slain soldier OUGHT TO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH HER TIME?

I am a mother and once you're a mom, unless you are completely xanaxed or just mentally ill, you would never vilify or ignore another grieving mother no matter what. No matter what.

Godammit I would never ever vilify a soldier or his family no matter how much of a pussy I am when it comes to fighting a war. I'm the one who kept track of the lack of flakjackets for our troops, the lack of weapons and ammo, the pay cuts, the cut backs in VA benefits, the unarmored humvees and more travesties that put our troops in more danger than necessary in Iraq. Our troops to this very day are ill equipped. I don't care how John Kerry voted, Bush got his money and the soldiers are ill equipped and it's his fault.

I've learned that soldiers are expendable, disposable human beings who signed up to risk their lives and so what. What a lesson I've learned. Maybe bush was smart to join the national guard for a tooth cleaning after all. Who the hell needs this lack of respect anyway? No wonder John Kerry was fuming when he got home from Vietnam.

The bush crime family is pushing for more wars, definitely a draft and his minions are vilifying the military. Wait till they get drafted. Will they want me to write letters to newspapers on their behalf when they are shot up? Would they want their moms to be treated like Sue Neiderer when their sorry asses are blown up? Will they be happy when someone suggests that they got a purple heart for a scratch?

"George W. Bush has cultivated a culture in which a grieving mother in New Jersey gets arrested for asking a question at a Bush campaign event. It’s the same culture that allows an Alabama woman to be fired for expressing her beliefs with a John Kerry bumper sticker on her car. You ask a question they don’t want to answer and they arrest you. You express a belief that they disagree with and you get fired.

"This is not the way we treat anyone, and especially not the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice -– families who deserve our respect, our thanks, and our empathy. Unfortunately, this incident is emblematic of the way the President disrespects our military, our veterans, and their families. America can do better, and with John Kerry we will." -Terry McAuliffe

Bush is going to have to kill me before he gets his hands on my son to fight his war. It's quite obvious how the bush crime family feels about the citizens of this country who are not part of his elite.

This blog was trolled by a citizen who thinks that this outrage is about Kerry. No, this isn't about Kerry. This is about the lack of respect for our soldiers by this evil administration. Bush needs to be impeached, he needs to be cast into exile.

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