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Wednesday, September 29

Smiles, Compliments of Everyday Life

Not Bitchin' About This
by pissed off patricia

I know we're supposed to be discussing important issues here. Issues like whether Senator Kerry's tan is fake or a result of sun and wind burn. Yeah, real deep stuff like that. But just for a change of pace from discussions of war and hurricanes and military deaths, let's look for some cheap thrills. No, I'm not talking about Janis Joplin's album, I'm talking about the little gifts that life gives you at no charge.

I have recently experienced a couple of things that required a smile. On our trip over to Tampa we passed through an area in central Florida that seemed to be experiencing a state of poverty. We saw the usual mobile homes balanced on concrete blocks, the rusty and useless cars in the yard and a general atmosphere that told you life was a struggle. Out by the road there was a weather stained piece of plywood propped against a mailbox. On the plywood, spray painted in black paint was the following message, "Free puppy for sale"

Before hurricane Frances came we had a red climbing rose bush on our privacy fence. After Frances blew by, our privacy fence was laying on the ground and smushing our poor little climbing rose. Within a few days, from beneath the fence and through an opening in the fence, a tiny rose bud appeared. As time went by it opened it's tender petals to produce the most beautiful little red rose. I took this to represent hope for a better tomorrow. When we could we removed the broken fence section from the rose and staked the plant to a remaining upright fence post. Then came hurricane Jeanne. The rose bush survived and I'm betting it will bloom again. The beauty of nature is resilient. That's a nice thing to remember.

Have you experienced a cheap thrill lately? Please share it with me.

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