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Monday, September 27

Real Live Redneck

I spent the weekend outdoors as it was gorgeous. Had the top down on my car the whole time. I traveled around and spoke to people and observed what was happening all around me.

It turns out that a fellow musician I know is a real live redneck. It's not the first time I have come across redneck musicians on Long Island. Some actually do migrate here for one reason or another. You can usually tell them by their too tight cowboy boots that makes them walk funny and their rotten teeth. Most of the rednecks who come here are ok though and I can be friends with them. It's just unusual to find an independent musical artist to be a radical right winger. Most are pretty darn smart, well educated and quite liberal.

I had a gig yesterday at a music festival and the redneckery of this particular young man was appalling. He explained to me how Saddam overthrew the good government in Iraq back in the 80's with no ones help. Not even America's. He explained how all Muslims are bad, how great the US is doing in the war on terror, how great our troops are doing in Iraq and how well they are equipped with bullets and body armor, how all Muslims should be eradicated as their religion is wrong and most of all, he would be more than happy to kick Muslim ass if he were called up for the draft.

He also had his facts wrong about depleted uranium and explained that it's the only way to pierce tanks. That's right but do the Iraqi's have tanks? He told me that the Iraqi's are bad for the most part, but at least they are a democracy now. He explained that the elections there will prove that. I asked what would happen if the free Iraqi's voted for someone who is not approved by the American Imperialists and he assured me that there won't be anyone on the ballot who is not approved by the American government. That sounds very democratic and free.

He ranted on and on with "Facts" about depleted uranium, weaponry, the complete evil of the United Nations and the like. It was all completely opposite of the truth. He explained that this is a hobby of his. I am not quite sure where he gets his information though. He is from the south and I suppose that his school district might be one of those that taught creationism rather than evolution as a theory. He was not a practicing Christian or any religion for that matter though which is in keeping with typical independent artists. He was full of hatred and wanted to kill people. He explained that it is the job of the US to take out every dictator in the world. He thinks that we need to invade these countries. I explained that most Americans do not agree with that as we have to take care of the poor and the oppressed without WMD's unless we are attacked first.

His completely wacko argument about John Kerry is that since John Kerry claimed to believe Bush's rationale for going to war that John Kerry is a liar. I am not sure when believing a lie made a person a liar but apparently the neocons have changed the meaning of lies. Truth=Lies in neocon land. I am used to that stuff though. I guess what really appalled me was his outright hatred for "liberals".

I find it funny that political moderates are now considered radical leftist liberals by the fringe right. Everyone to the left of them is clumped into one group and labeled. It's interesting because one thing about moderates and liberals is that there is no 'group think'.

I speak to everyone I meet about the political climate and so do a lot of my friends. The consensus on Long Island, population: millions ethnicity: everything, is to boot Bush. The Jews and Catholics are overwhelmingly voting for Kerry here. The rich protestants are sometimes apt to vote Republican across the board however, those who are my age (middle age) are voting for Kerry. The older protestant republicans will probably vote for Bush. Obviously the Muslims will not vote for Bush, the blacks are voting for Kerry and I am not sure about the Latinos. I have to talk to more Latinos to get the feel. There are a lot of Latinos around here. I'll see what the story is. The military people are mixed. My son says that at his college, the kids seem to support Bush. Just wait until there is a draft. Everyone will wake the hell up.

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