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Friday, September 17

More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

The Struggle Between Thinkers and Non-Thinkers

I truly believe that bush's supporters are people who either don't think, don't know how to think, or are just too damned lazy to think. I feel the same way about the "way out there" religious people too. Oh I don't know, maybe they can think but when they do, perhaps they don't like what their gut instincts tell them.

It's amazing to me that anyone would sit back and wait for events around them to materialize without trying to do all they can to avoid what might be avoidable. That's my impression of the extreme religious right. Rather than try to take precautions, they allow themselves to be swept along. They don't assess situations. They accept situations in the name of "It's God's will and God's way". I heard a story on one news show last night about an elderly person who had just renovated a shop and Ivan blew it away. The person said that Ivan was God's way of telling them to retire. What the hell does that mean? Does this person actually think that their loving God would create a storm that would kill so many people and destroy so many homes, just to get a retirement message to them? Where's the clue of a thinking process there? Must have been one hell of an important message God needed to get out.

The same kind of ridiculous reasoning comes from the bush supporters. They believe that some yokel with a fake Texas ranch has been chosen by their one and only personal god to lead our country into war. Did their god instruct bush to tell lies about why the war was such a pressing requirement? Did He give him that list of lies to tell too? Did He say it's okay to lie your way into war? Does their god high five bush every time an Iraqi man, woman, or child is killed in this war? It doesn't seem to matter how many humans on both sides of this war have been killed. These people seem to think that our soldiers and Iraqi civilians are some sort of primitive sacrifice to their very own god or something. They will fight to protect a fetus but look the other way when a child in another country is killed in war? You can't make this kind of thinking up. It's insane, and it's from minds that refuse to or cannot work alone. Fodder must be hand fed into these minds. The insanity of this will never be understood by rational people. The reason rational people can't understand it is simple. It’s because this war isn't rational.

We are now in a struggle. The struggle is between the rational thinkers and the irrational non-thinkers. What do we do? How do you convince people to start thinking for themselves? What has to happen to make people use their brains that may never have been used independent of religious doctrine?

This is, in my opinion, a form of brainwashing. They have been relying on others to lead them for so long that they are unaware of their situation. They don't realize that those who are leading them are using them for personal gains. Whether it's the minister who tells them they must tithe every single hard-earned penny to his church (and eventually to him) or bush who tells them they should trust him and God to be in charge of all situations, these people are being used. And that's a real and true sin. The minister uses them for his own financial gains and bush is using them to acquire power, and therefore he too receives personal financial gains.

If we can find some way to show and convince these religious non-thinkers that they are being used, and show them how and why, perhaps we can get this country back on the right track. They need to know that they can love their god all they want, but they should beware of anyone who would make a fool of them because of that love and devotion. No one wants to be made a fool of and even a non-thinker might resent being used, if they recognize how it happened and the damage it caused.

by pissed off patricia, not blondesense.

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