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Thursday, September 16

More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

Pardon me while rant a bit. Something so out of the ordinary for moi.

When we are asked what is most important to us, they always give us three or four choices. It's usually a choice between the Iraq war, the economy, homeland security and way down there on the list where you need a scuba tank to visit, is the environment.

Okay, here's the way I see it. Every damned one of those things connects and cannot be disconnected. The war in Iraq is eating our economy, creating more humans who hate our guts and meanwhile we still need clean air and water. Without clean air and water we have no homeland or security. It's not just one thing, stupid. I feel it's everything, stupid.

And one more thought for whatever good it will do. I'm wondering since all these recent hurricanes are draining Florida's coffers, could we borrow some money from the New Iraq's reconstruction fund? It makes my hair hurt to see people, who couldn't afford to give their right arm to pay exorbitant insurance payments, having to live in tents and shit while so many billions of OUR dollars are hidden away in a spider hole in Iraq. American reconstruction sounds like a good idea to me.

I did hear the other week that Negroponte wants to use a lot of the Iraqi reconstruction money to rebuild security over there. Now I hear that the bush administration may be on the same page as Negroponte. Wasn't that money earmarked for reconstruction? It should have been. So if they use a big chunk of that money for security, does that mean we have to give them more? I mean bush felt he could justify the amount he said they needed when we wrapped it up and handed it to them. So, won't they need even more now to replace what they're using for other things. Is that replacement money coming out of our pockets? I would bet the farm that we won't know the answer to that until after November 2, 2004. What the hell else will we hear about after November 2, 2004 if, god forbid, bush gets four more years to destroy our world?

Okay, rant over. At least for now.

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