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Tuesday, September 14

Message from above

I thought Patricia would have announced this but I'm afraid I am going to break the news.

Florida is under attack by the very hand of god. There are more storms heading that way. The Lord tells me that this will not stop until Jeb Bush assures the world and god himself that there will be a paper trail at every polling place, that every black voter who has a clean record will be welcomed at their respective polling place and that every absentee ballot will be fairly counted.

Other red states are under attack such as Lousiana and Alabama. The Lord loves his children but must send a message to Dubya as clearly as possible.

God also told me that he would cut down the intensity of the storms if George W. Bush would stop using his name in vain; which is every time he uses it. The Lord said that he did not tell Dubya to invade Iraq and he did not want Dubya to win the last presidential election because he has issues with Dubya over some stuff that has not been settled. God is pissed. He is not sending his son Jesus back until everyone learns to play nice as he wants everyone to be saved. We are all his children and he favors no particular group over the other. He said so. Who are ya gonna believe, me or Pat Robertson?

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