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Saturday, September 18

Memo To: Swift Boat Veterans for "truth"

If you had been killed in Vietnam and one of your moms went to a Hubert Humphrey rally in 1968 to protest your death and was arrested right in front of Mrs Humphrey who was speaking about what great things that Mr. Humphrey would for the country and how great the war was going, yet ignored your mom like she was some lunatic and went on speaking like she didn't exist... and you never existed and you had the power beyond death to see and feel what was happening on earth, would you want the undead to vote for Humphrey?

Keep slamming away at Kerry, morons, cause you have the ass clown population of America on your side voting so George Bush can sign death sentences for more young men and women in uniform while he and his wife don't even flinch at the thought of the nation's sacrifice of their recently born for SUV juice... and let's not forget gramma Bush who doesn't want to waste her beautiful mind looking at body bags.

Seems that John Kerry's medals and ribbons are indeed valid thanks to your public inquiries. I guess I can sleep better tonight.

You're a disgrace to your uniforms and the country.

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