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Tuesday, September 21

Latest news

And from across the sea...
From The Scotsman: US election campaign divorced from reality
"The American presidential election campaign of 2004 is taking place in a parallel universe..."
They noticed too. oy vay

From the LA Times: Democrats are better at handling the economy, but Republicans are better at duping the masses..."I'm worried the Democrats can't manage the economy as well [as Republicans], and they'll get into my wallet." Jeeeesus, Lord.
Read Who's Better in the Driver's Seat?
Memorize it.

49 states hope to avoid fate of Florida 2000
All of the states except Pennsylvania plan to count how many voters go to the polls on Nov. 2, the largest effort ever made to uncover miscounted ballots.

Bush is on TV now saying that the CIA was just making speculations on how the Iraqi situation might end up. He acted like he doesn't really put much credence in what the CIA says. Hmmm. This just came in 12 minutes ago: Possibility of Iraq Civil War Looms Large
Since his speech of lies to the UN world leaders this morning, the world reaction has been that it was a political speech during an election year... they weren't impressed. You could tell by the audience during the speech.

And what a nightmare over this Dan Rather thing. What about the Swift Boat Liars? They are linking this Dan Rather thing to Kerry at CNN and saying that it may ruin Kerry's chances of winning the election. I can't believe this. I am calling CNN right this minute.

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