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Tuesday, September 28

I picked a bad day to give up drinking

The folks at Capitol Hill shot down the Bush Admin's plan proposing a covert CIA operation to aid candidates, favoured by Washington. "The plan, written several months ago, wanted to help such candidates "whose opponents might be receiving covert backing from other countries, like Iran" but not necessarily to go so far as to rig the elections, US media reports said. "

Yeah sure, no one wanted to "rig" the democratically held elections in Iraq. CIA's Iraq Plan Shot Down

From Time Mag: President Bush and interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi insisted last week that Iraq would go ahead with elections scheduled for January, despite continuing violence. But U.S. officials tell TIME that the Bush team ran into trouble with another plan involving those elections — a secret "finding" written several months ago proposing a covert CIA operation to aid candidates favored by Washington. A source says the idea was to help such candidates — whose opponents might be receiving covert backing from other countries, like Iran — but not necessarily to go so far as to rig the elections. But lawmakers from both parties raised questions about the idea when it was sent to Capitol Hill.


In moron news:
Falwell expressed confidence in a Bush victory over Democratic Sen. John Kerry, adding, "You cannot be a sincere, committed born-again believer who takes the Bible seriously and vote for a pro-choice, anti-family candidate."

The Rev. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, who, in announcing a $1 million campaign to mobilize church-going voters, likened politicians who support abortion rights to people who support terrorism.

Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., who said "preachers must be free to speak out" in favor of anti-abortion office-seekers because liberals are attempting to "eliminate the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this country was founded."

These comments are out of this world. These people not only don't understand the Bible, they don't understand Judeo-Christian principles, a secular democratic society, what a liberal is and they are totally paranoid. I can't wait until they lose. There is no room for fundamentalist radical christians in politics.

Isn't it ironic that the fascists got the media in their pockets as far as the news divisions go, but the same media corporations are the ones who spread vile spew in music, film and tv to the masses? They don't have a problem with this? I do. Who's the conservative here?


Seniors aren't dead yet.

They decided to sock it to Bush by protesting George Bush's anti-senior, anti-family policies with a nationwide sock rally. The Alliance for Retired Americans is sponsoring the "Socked Out Seniors" Washington, D.C., and cross-country rallies to call attention to George Bush's failure to protect and preserve programs vital to the safety and security of seniors and their families. All socks collected at the rally will be delivered to the White House.


Uh oh. Al Qaida may strike before next election. That must mean that Bush camp doesn't like what Ted Kennedy has to say: "Kennedy's Monday speech details 13 reasons why Bush's policies have not made the United States safer from terrorism. Among other things, he said the war in Iraq created a new breeding ground for terrorists, distracted from efforts to eliminate al-Qaida, alienated America's allies and allowed North Korea and Iran to pursue nuclear weapons. "


Twice as many Iraqis (mostly civilians) killed by U.S., multinational forces, and Iraqi police as killed by insurgents. Iraqi's are not convinced that the US is interested in their freedom:
Many Iraqis said they thought the numbers showed that the multinational forces disregarded their lives.

"The Americans do not care about the Iraqis. They don't care if they get killed, because they don't care about the citizens," said Abu Mohammed, 50, who was a major general in Saddam Hussein's army in Baghdad. "The Americans keep criticizing Saddam for the mass graves. How many graves are the Americans making in Iraq?"

At his fruit stand in southern Baghdad, Raid Ibraham, 24, theorized: "The Americans keep attacking the cities not to keep the security situation stable, but so they can stay in Iraq and control the oil." 'Knight Ridder
They are having a hard time getting former soldiers to show up to fight in Iraq. War is not going so well for the bushcrimefamily.


I'm saving my money up for Virgin Galactic.

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