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Tuesday, September 28

He's Got A Lot Of Pretty Pretty Boys That He Calls Friends

While having cocktails beer at the local outdoor tiki bar last night, I couldn't help noticing how crowded it was and how many really really pretty young men were there in the neighborhood wateringhole. Yes, this is unusual for the place. I was curious. There were older men with them too and I thought maybe it was a n@mb@ meetup (because I am a smartass) but I was informed by the waitress that it was a reception for the local magician who is Siegfried and Roy's only protege. He has performed all over the world. Wow, a real celebrity in my local bar who is from the hood. I didn't hear him whining about what a terrible thing it was to grow up around here like Billy O does all the time. Siegfried and Roy want to make this young man into a household word. That's cool.

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