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Monday, September 20

god in the news

The GOP in WV is getting really nervous because their campaign mail shows a bible with the word "BANNED" over it and a photo of a man on his knees putting a ring on another ring with the word "ALLOWED".

Apparently the Kerry message is getting really distorted down there in WV because I have not heard Kerry talk about banning the bible or has he talked about allowing gay people to get married. I must have missed that. The GOP does understand that fear is the best factor for them to get their agenda to the masses. When in doubt, make stuff up should be their motto.


In more GOP desperation,'s Big Brother watch is watching those AME churches because they might speak of politics from the pulpit, thus disqualifiying for their tax exemption!

They don't even have to mention the candidate's name. Oh no... they say "that a pastor would not even have to mention a candidate’s name, for example Senator John Kerry, in order for a complaint to be lodged with the IRS. He stated that the monitors will be watching closely for liberal “code words.” "If a pastor tells the congregation to vote 'pro-choice' or for candidates that back nationalized health care or "taxing the rich" he is really telling them to vote for Democrats. If a pastor uses the words 'racist' or 'confederate,' referring to any Republican, he is telling the congregation to vote Democrat. If the pastor tells the congregation to go see Fahrenheit 9-11 or says he appreciates the work of Michael Moore, he is telling them to vote Democrat."

This is pretty hilarious considering that the Bush admin was begging Catholics for their Church membership lists and Bush is telling everyone that he and the pope are best buds cause Bush is pretending to be pro-life. Can you just picture these big brother dudes attending churches looking to out some pastor for liberal "code words". oy vay.


From PR Web: President George Walker Bush and Senator John Forbes Kerry share many ancestors according to recorded ancestral history, but could they also share the wisdom of King Solomon? Could President Bush have inherited the legendary wisdom of his ancestor, King Solomon?

Answer to last question: NO

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