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Monday, September 20

Fascism Revisted

I was at a BBQ with local musicians over the summer and we chatted about bush and the rise of fascism. We called it crypt0-fascism, jeso-fascism, all sorts of descriptions for the rise of fascism in the country. The United States isn't fascist yet obviously because it's an election year, but it sure seems like all the indicators are there for an end to the sort of democratic type government we've taken for granted all these years. I mean just the fact that we need to take international election monitors away from their 3rd world duties this November is a major sign that the U.S. is in trouble. Of course, it probably won't be reported on the corporate controlled media.

What amuses me on one hand but sends shivers down my spine on the other hand is the fact that the koolaid drinkers go to great lengths to promote this crypto-fascist state by declaring that everyone who is not with bush have some sort of coordinated agenda designed to destroy america. All of a sudden it's anti-american to have a 2 party system. Now that is a quite an example of projection.

David Neiwert is starting a 6 part series on the rise of fascism. He calls what we have now "pseudo fascism". We are still short a couple of key reasons why the US isn't a full fascist state:

  • -- Its agenda, under the guise of representing mainstream conservatism, is not openly revolutionary.
  • -- It is not yet a dictatorship.
  • -- It does not yet rely on physical violence and campaigns of gross intimidation to obtain power and suppress opposition.
  • -- American democracy has not yet reached the genuine stage of crisis required for full-blown fascism to take root.

Well hang in there, we're getting there.

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