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Tuesday, September 21

Da Ali G Show

If you've got HBO, you gotta check out "Da Ali G Show" cause it's so hilarious that it's sick. Good article at MSNBC about it. I got HBO on demand for a while so I could watch all the back episodes. At first you would think that it wouldn't be your cup of tea if you're middle aged, but seriously, it's a laugh out loud show. He pretends to be from a talk show and is totally moronic. He is sort of a gansta talk show host and a number of other personalities. No one knows how he gets to famous people. He has fooled Sam Donaldson, Christie Todd Whitman, Pat Buchanan (who has a great sense of humor), Andy Rooney (no sense of humor), Newt Gingrich, Ralph Nader and the list goes on. You will keel over.

When he was talking to Pat Buchanan about the war in Iraq, he was calling WMD's, BLT's and even Pat Buchanan went along with him, LOL. Then finally Pat explained to him that they were WMD's. Andy Rooney got real mad at him for having bad grammar. Last week he went to a square dance as a gay man and pretended to those at the square dance that he and one of the other men at the dance had some chemistry. Hilarious. He asked Buzz Aldrin if the moon really exists. By acting really stupid, he gets away with murder. He pretended to be from some other foreign country once and explained how he was a horse sperm collector. He explained his technique in great detail. Totally innocently. I don't know how long the show will last as he catches on and people find out who he really is.

Sometimes you just need a laugh. Here are clips

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