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Wednesday, September 22


There's an old law on the books from the 1970's supposedly written in light of the famous assinations of the 1960's, but more likely written to protect Nixon and his minions when they conspired to overthrow the democratically elected government of Chile, Title 18, Section 1752(a)(1)(ii) of the U.S. Code which makes it a federal crime to "knowingly and willfully" enter an area restricted by the Secret Service during a presidential visit. Now it is being used against citizens who want to exercise their right to free speech.

There is a very good article called Thou Dost Protest Too Much , By Jonathan M. Katz at Slate about these arrests of protesters. He cites example of arrests by citizens who wear anti-Bush shirts or hold anti-Bush signs. Obviously these people are exercising their first amendment rights and apparently it upsets the pretzeldent of the united states to be criticized.

Of course the excuse is given when people who wear anti-bush shirts or carry anti-bush signs are thrown into jail or taken away that the secret service is only concerned about the well being of the leader against terrorists.

People who do not wear anti-bush shirts and carry pro-bush signs can get close to the president. No one questions those who line up on streets or at rallies if they wear pro-bush buttons and have pro-bush signs.

Bush is not afraid of terrorists. He is afraid of dissenters getting on the news. If there were any terrorists in this country who were out to get him, I think it would be pretty easy to figure out how to do it.

UPDATE: When Bush came to my town, if you were pro-bush, you could stand right on the edge of the road as he went by. Not one single cop or SS person checked the pro-bush people. Not one.

Those who had anti-bush signs were relegated to a different area.

By now, don't you think that the terrorists would have figured this out, if there were any who wanted to hurt our leader? They like our leader!!! If there are terrorists in this country, they appear to be pro-Bush.

So far the people who have been arrested from the anti-bush gatherings have turned out to be regular tax paying citizens and not international or domestic terrorists!

Patricia sent me these links to the following stories that just seem ridiculous in light of the fact that just about anyone can crash a Bush rally as long as they pretend they are pro-bush....

Here's one: "American citizens face the prospect of having to submit fingerprints to the government to make it easier to fight terrorism, former CIA director James Woolsey says."

And worse: "The latest proposed legislation -- "Tools to Fight Terrorism Act of 2004" (S. 2679) -- would increase the government’s powers to secretly obtain personal records without judicial review and limit judicial discretion over the use of secret evidence in criminal cases. It would also eliminate important foreign intelligence wiretapping safeguards and allow the use of secret intelligence wiretaps in immigration cases without notice or an opportunity to suppress illegally acquired evidence.

The legislation would also grant the Department of Justice expanded administrative subpoena power -- the authority to seize records and compel testimony in terrorism cases without prior review by a court or grand jury. This would erode already diminished judicial oversight, and would allow access to confidential records without individual suspicion of wrongdoing."


So far AssKKKroft has not arrested any terrorists or made any charges stick. There have not been any life threatening attacks on Bush. I am not saying that NYC isn't going to be attacked any time soon... but I am not saying what you think I'm not not saying either.

Figure it out.

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