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Wednesday, September 29


by pissed off patricia

Thank you so much Peter for sending me a link to this article. If anyone thinks all is well with the government's response to hurricane victims in Florida, read this. Team bush didn't play the game, they just showed up so they wouldn't have to forfeit. Both bush brothers flew in, looked around, handed out melting bags of ice and whoosh, they were gone with the wind. Now Wayne Madsen asks, "Where is the Florida National Guard?"

I know where some of them are. Some are learning to use their new prosthesis, some are dead, some are in Iraq and some are so damned tired from fighting in Iraq, doing duty in Punta Gorda, the panhandle of Florida and Indian River County, Florida that they can't even see straight. That's where some of them are! Jeb bush sent them to Iraq and his smirking brother kept them there. Result, they are too dead or too dead tired to do what they were intended to do. It's just that simple.

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