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Wednesday, September 22


by pissed off patricia

The president of the United States stood before the UN yesterday and declared that he would start a firestorm of havoc wherever he pleased and he would send American soldiers to stand in that firestorm for whatever amount of time he deemed necessary. Then he admonished the UN for not sending their own people to burn in that same fire. He seems to feel that he is superior and his power is supreme.

We picture bush sitting on Cheney's lap being manipulated like a puppet. Now we have that same situation with Allawi sitting on bush's lap receiving his manipulation from bush. Cheney's lips never move but we hear words from bush's mouth. Then bush's lips are still as we hear words emerge from Allawi's mouth.

To quote from The BBC News in May of this year, "Iyad Allawi is one of a US-backed clique of secular Iraqi opposition figures who lived in exile until the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in April 2003. But he has the advantage as prime minister - to paraphrase one commentator - of being equally mistrustedby everyone in Iraq'smultifarious population."

Is it any wonder that the Iraqi people are disgusted and disillusioned with the US? Where is their voice? We declare who will lead their country for now and they wonder how long we will basically be in charge. Fair and open elections in January in a country where people are being killed by the dozens almost every day doesn't seem feasible to me. Nice in theory but hardly reasonable.

Now the chatter is that we should go in and blow the place away. Wait! Were we invited to invade Iraq by the Iraqis? Is this what they wanted? Did anyone ever ask them if they wanted our bombs to kill their citizens so that they could be the proud new owners of an American democracy? I don't remember that request arriving in the mail, do you?

After two Americans have been beheaded this week, we all feel a sickness inside that is so awful that it won't allow us to mentally imagine what this must have been like for the victims or their families. This is what the installation of democracy looks like? Is it any wonder that this whole picture of the Iraq war is beginning to turn our stomachs? We should be questioning who is the enemy and why. This isn't a traditional war as we have learned about in history books. This is a war with new rules but the results are the same, dead people. This is a war that we declared based on our idea of how another country should be run, and due to the arrogance of this administration, the consequences were never considered. They never considered who and how many would be burned in their optional firestorm. Now the fire is burning out of control and we can't put it out. No wonder we can't get firefighters from other countries? They told bush not to light the match. They warned him the territory was volatile. Bush didn't listen, and now he blames his disaster on other's failures. This is such a fine and glowing example of irresponsible, arrogant insanity. Bush ordered this war and now he demands that others pay the price for it. In the past he has never had to accept responsibility for his mistakes and bad decisions. It seems he once again expects someone else to bail him out. But this time it seems that there's no one to cover his deadly error and the fire burns on with ample fuel.

If it's any consolation, we learned in today's news that due to all the safety measures created after 9-11, we are now being protected from Cat Stevens.

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