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Friday, September 17


by pissed off patricia

Ranting and Damned Well Pissed Off!

Just bring them home and do it right now!

There are thousands of reasons why we have to bring our soldiers home, and we have to do it now! Over one thousand of those reasons have already arrived home and their coffins were draped with American flags. As of today, there are three more on the way. Thousands of those reasons are in military hospitals learning to operate their new prosthesis. More are on the way. Thousands of those reasons are lying dead in the sands of Iraq. More were added today. Thousands and many more of those reasons are our dollars which are being ripped from our pockets, sent to Iraq, sent back to the US and placed in the pockets of CEO's of big corporations. Most certainly, there will be more on the way. Thousands of those reasons are the tears that have been shed in this country and that country by grieving families. Indeed, there are more to come. There are thousands of reasons to bring our troops home, and do it now before we have many, many thousands more.

My friend is in the Florida National Guard. After 9-11 he was sent to the Miami area to guard the airport. When he came home, he was sent to Iraq for fourteen months. When he came home from Iraq earlier this year, he was home for a couple of months, and then he was sent to Punta Gorda after Hurricane Charley attacked that area. He recently came home from Punta Gorda and was immediately sent to Indian River County on the east coast of Florida following the attack by Hurricane Frances. Now he is in the panhandle of Florida to do battle with the results of Hurricane Ivan.

Do you think he is being strained and drained? How about if I add this little factor - he is fifty-two years old and a grandfather. This is what happens when we use our Guard as enlisted, full-time, military soldiers. They are doing double duty. We don't have enough soldiers so we are stretching the Guard to do double duty and we are killing them both literally and physically.

There was a time when the general attitude was that we couldn't bring our soldiers home for fear that civil war would erupt in Iraq if they left. Well, they stayed and hundreds more have died plus civil war seems to be inevitable. So what the hell are our soldiers dying for? How many more have to die to convince the sleeping public that we are only killing and being killed? No one is winning anything. No one but the grim reaper. How long will it take Americans to acknowledge the fact that this war is nothing more than a killing field and our soldiers are now the prey. Why the hell wouldn't we want to rescue our own soldiers by bringing them home now? God knows we have thousands of reasons.

While bush paints the situation in Iraq with a soft and pleasant brush, the real picture is dire and smeared with much too much blood. If you listened to Senator Joe Biden on the Imus show this morning you heard an angry and frustrated, intelligent statesman. Senator Biden is pissed and you should be too. The reasons are in the thousands and they're growing every day.

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