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Wednesday, September 15


by pissed off patricia

Do you or did you ever watch South Park on TV? There's the school teacher who has the puppet on his hand and he speaks with a very weird drawl. Okay, last night at eight o'clock our insurance adjuster contacted me by phone. This was my first encounter with this person and he sounded exactly to the letter like the school teacher on South Park. Okaaah? This guy was a certifiable idiot and he expressed this from the very beginning of the conversation. This morning I got in touch with Mr. Adjuster's superior's superior and I won't be dealing with that cartoon character again. Jeez, like with all the other shit going on, we don't need to have to deal with a moron. And we won't. AMF to Mr. Adjuster.

I heard today that Cheney is taking a day off from campaigning. Why? Did he run out of scare tactics and he had to visit with Rove to refuel? Are they looking for the boogey man to accompany Cheney on the campaign of fear path? Cheney doesn't need a pacemaker, cause he has no heart. Why is it that I'm more afraid of what he might do to our country than I am of what terrorists might do to our country?

This morning Senator Kerry was on the Imus show via phone. He sounded so frustrated and he should. All these dumb shits, the ones who think everything is peachy keen while Iraq stinks of death more and more every day, are insane. How do you make insane people see reality? Perhaps if we could extricate their heads from their exceedingly tight asses,that might be a start. Still, a majority believe that bush could do a better job leading the war against terror. Imagine what else this group must believe. They're the same ones who believe that we should have more assault rifles and protect the fetuses at the same time. They're pro life and pro death penalty. Don't try to make that make sense because you can't. If logic played a real and intelligent part in all this there would be no race. Kerry would just walk into the white house, slap the shit out of bush, take all the occupants of bush's cabinet to prison, and then start putting our country back together again.

So Martha is going to forgo her appeals process and go to prison. Who the hell cares?

My thoughts go out to all the people in the panhandle of Florida and those in other states on the Gulf coast. This is one big mother of a storm coming their way and I remember what I felt like a couple of weeks ago with even a weaker storm coming ashore here. Mother Nature is one pissed woman and for some reason she's pissed at Florida. I don't much blame her because humans have done a fine job of ruining a lot of Florida's natural beauty. We have chopped down trees, changed the course of nature, paved miles of parking lots and built shit on just about every square inch of the state. Developers said screw the flora and fauna, bring in the bulldozers. Now Mother Nature is saying, screw all the damned developments, the developers and the stinking bulldozers they rode in on! Mother Nature doesn't take any prisoners when she's really, really pissed.

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