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Tuesday, September 14


by pissed off patricia

Are you safer today than you were four years ago? How about one day ago? While bush sat by and watched as certain parts of the assault weapons ban expired, I kept remembering that quote from one of the NRA's talking heads four years ago. Remember the one about if bush won the white house they, the NRA, would be operating out of the oval office? Well, I guess they're all moved in and are now fully operational. Today you can go hunting with a gun that will not only kill a deer but will turn its flesh into ground venison all in one easy maneuver. If there is a god who created all beasts, she/he must hate this shit.


I believe I've discovered bush's plan to bring peace to Iraq. Seems to me that the plan is to kill, in one way or another, everybody in Iraq. If he has been keeping up with the death toll over there the past couple of weeks he must be pretty pleased. We're now wiping out women and little babies as they travel to the hospital in ambulances. We are killing anyone at anytime with our bombs. Where's the Lt. Kerry of this war? Where's the soldier who will determine that the truth about everything we're doing there must be known? Who will speak out and save a little Iraqi child's life? When it comes to Iraq, no child left behind takes on a whole new meaning.


Jeez, I must be back in gear because I sure am back to being pissed. Last night Peter sent me this from Common Dreams:

Fragment one: In the wake of hurricanes Charley and Frances, outsiders got a glimpse of the ramshackle trailer parks that hundreds of thousands of Floridians call home. What was as shocking as the devastation was the fact that so many Americans live in such abject poverty. "People of means build solid structures and people without means live in frail ones and hurricanes have a way of finding the people without means," historian Louis Perez of the University of North Carolina told the Christian Science Monitor. Yet barely a word was heard on the campaign trail about the lack of affordable housing in the state that Governor Jeb Bush, brother of the President, calls "paradise." President George Bush, touring the wreckage of a mobile home park, promised emergency aid and observed that "people's lives have been turned upside down." But on the hustings, he continued to boast about America's high rate of home ownership and to tout tax credits and mortgage insurance as the keys to affordable housing. Democratic presidential contender John Kerry made a brief, low-key visit, offering his condolences to hurricane victims and his support to relief workers. But he, too, treated Florida's trailer park ghettoes — often a stone's throw from luxury condos and splashy resorts — as a regrettable fact of life. While Kerry admits that America has an "affordable housing crisis," his only remedy is to bring back the programs that Bush cut."

Think about it!

I wrote about "mobile homes" after hurricane Charley smashed the Punta Gorda area and I'll repeat myself, as I tell you not all mobile home parks in Florida are "ramshackle" nor are they all "ghettoes". Having said that, there are many that are substandard, and if they were any other product, they would be re-called. In some cases a mobile home is the equivalent of what you would live in, in this area, if you lived in abject poverty in the big cities. It beats no home, but not by much. It's a package deal. For one price you get shelter, furniture and then you add your belongings and it's instant home ownership. Every time one of these mobile homes is sold, it's one more bragging point for bush. It shouldn't be.

Check this out For $29,000.00 you get all the stuff inside. Scroll down and read all the stuff that comes with this mobile home. If you add up the value of the contents and subtract that from the selling price, you discover how much the shell or mobile home is worth. What is aluminum and insulation selling for these days? The recycler's price where I live went from thirty cents a pound for used aluminum before Frances moved in, to fifteen cents a pound today. What does that tell you? Tells me they expect a glut of used aluminum on the market.

Notice that in the ad for this mobile home it states that it's, "minutes from the beach". Had hurricane Ivan hit that area it might have been even fewer minutes from the beach. With some sort of black humor, I find it interesting that the ad states; "Recently vacated, owners are motivated to sell." No shit Sherlock, maybe the scenes from Punta Gorda were their motivation.

There's a song by Florida's troubadour, Mr. Jimmy Buffet, and the name of the song is "Migration". Here are some of the words.

And mobile homes are smotherin' my keys;
Well I hate those bastards so much.
I wish a summer squall would blow them
all the way up to fantasy land.
They're ugly and square, they don't belong here.
They look a lot better as beer cans.

When he says "smotherin' my keys" he is referring to the Florida Keys down to Key West. Jimmy may have a point. It makes a lot more sense to use aluminum for making beer cans than for making homes that may well dwell in the path of hurricanes.


And finally......... The crawl on CNN this morning said something to the effect that the Pope wants more "God" on Sundays and less sports. The Pope should be aware that his god's name is often evoked during the observation of football games on Sunday. We football fans regularly call upon the Pope's god to damn our team's incompetence. This is especially true when our team consistently sucks! I have this on excellent authority!

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