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Thursday, September 30

Bitchin' Nervous, Pissed Big Time!

by pissed off patricia

Is tonight the end all for our country? It could be. If you're like me, you're a little nervous. You know so much of America is so damned gullible that they will believe any words that come from bush's mouth and they'll hear Kerry speaking French. It's pathetic but it's true.

If bush says all is going well in Iraq the audience will hear it and believe it. Too bad there couldn't be a crawl running across the bottom of the screen telling how many Americans and Iraqis were killed today in Iraq. Oops, I forgot we are supposed to refer to Iraq as the "New Iraq". It's new all right, it's bloodier than it used to be. Maybe we should call it the New Red Iraq, the new and unimproved Iraq. The Iraq where innocent people are killed everyday, not just when Saddam decides someone should be killed. Hell, at least with Saddam in power the Iraqis knew which rules to play by, now they don't even know what the game is.

Bush has resolve to stay the course so I guess that means that he would continue to toss our soldiers on roadside bombs and in the path of suicide bombers. That's his course so far. I guess we would stay the course that makes Iraqis so desperate for jobs that they will join the Iraqi police force and bet their lives on not being the next bombing target. Oh yeah, what a course bush has chosen.

Bush is so dearly fond of saying we're fighting terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here. Yes, of course that's insane but those damned gullible ears of Americans believe it. When you think about the essence of his remark you realize it's an excuse, not a freakin' reason. It's an excuse to excuse his decision to sidetrack his hunt for bin Laden. If you can't beat the bully, beat up the nerd just to show the bully that you can beat up someone. Then you can brag to all the other kids about how tough you are.

I do not believe the people placing the roadside bombs on the roads in Iraq would, had we not invaded Iraq, be here in America with their roadside bombs and ready to do battle. It's tough to get a roadside bomb on a transcontinental airplane these days.

How the hell does someone like Senator Kerry, or anyone else with a useable brain, go up against a freak like bush? How do you explain all this to an audience who still believes even the lies that have been proven to be exactly that, lies? What can he say to make the American public believe the truth when they are so damned determined to believe the lies? The facts don't seem to work. Common sense doesn't seem to work. Maybe if he asks bush this question it might work. Maybe if he says, Why did two or our soldiers die in Iraq today? Then, when bush starts spouting his bs about a free and voting Iraq, Senator Kerry could ask that question again. He should ask it over and over until the bastard bush cringes, sweats and fumbles for words. He should ask it until bush falls on his knees and his nose bleeds. When bush becomes comatose, Senator Kerry could turn to the camera and ask that same damned question of the American public. And maybe, just maybe the viewers would turn to one another and say, Yeah, why did they die?

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