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Thursday, September 23

Bitchin' For Patricia

by Blondesense

Patricia's house took a lot of damage after hurricane frances. She has been waiting and waiting to get her roof fixed but to no avail. Her gas had to be turned off due to a leak and she has been waiting patiently for the gas company to come and fix it.

As some of you may know, hurricane Ivan which devastated Florida and the southeast over a week ago, then swept through the northeast last weekend and ripped siding off houses and ripped branches from trees while causing major flooding in my neck of the woods, which is really rare except for on the coast swirled around and went back down to Florida again causing even more damage to Patricia's neck of the woods, still reeling from previous storms and hurricane frances. Ivan is in the gulf again reeking havoc.

Now tropical storm Jeanne which may turn into a hurricane is headed for Patricia whose house is not safe for another hit. This morning's official forecast showed the core of a Category 2 hurricane, with 110 mph winds, coming dangerously close to the area between Palm Beach and Vero Beach -- the same region struck by Hurricane Frances early this month -- veering north and making landfall around Cape Canaveral.

Patricia and her husband are evacuating their home today. It has no roof except for some wood and tarps which leak and blow off in regular thunderstorms. They cannot remain in their home for safety reasons. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Florida placed on alert for hurricane Jeanne
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