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Monday, September 20

Bitchin' Bothered and Bewildered

by pissed off patricia

According to what CNN is reporting, Eugene Armstrong was beheaded today. He was an American. Why did this happen? I think it happened because the USA invaded Iraq and now, about 17 months later all of hell is wide open. I believe that invasion caused this man's death directly or indirectly along with the deaths of over a thousand of our military men and women, plus god only knows how many Iraqis.

If you had ordered that invasion and later discovered that the information you were given at the time was just plain wrong, wouldn't you be mad as hell? Wouldn't you be finding out why this happened and wouldn't you be sending out stacks of pink slips? Wouldn't you feel like a fool? Wouldn't the souls of all these dead people visit you in your sleep? Wouldn't you feel as awful as any human could? Wouldn't you even consider stepping down from your office? Or would you step up on a stage and tell the American public the war was going well and it no longer mattered that you committed such an evil act as misleading our soldiers to their death?

Bush just seems to me as though he has no heart, no conscience, and no regard for human life. He seems more concerned with his own image than he does about anything else. When he speaks of freedom and liberty coming to Afghanistan and Iraq, it makes most of us just shake our heads. We are aware of how much that has cost in lives and in money. Neither of these countries has risen to the level that he describes. The war is hell in so many places in Iraq that no one can keep up any more. How can bush have the ability to talk about the war and smile at the same time? This is all beyond my comprehension and I'm guessing you're right there with me.

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