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Sunday, September 19

Bitchin' Because Sometimes One Bitch Just Isn't Enough

by pissed off patricia

Don't you sort of feel there is a tornado of stupidity, ignorance and arrogance approaching and soon it will be trying to suck you into it's cone of disillusionment? It would appear that this tornado has touched down over much of the US already, due to the ever disappearing voices of wisdom and reason.
We look around and we wonder, where did they go? What happened to all those who used to make sense to us? Where are the people who were sane thinkers? Where the hell did common sense go? Has it all been sucked up in the dark cone of this giant storm?

This is such a confusing and bewildering time because so much of what we see happening would have been labeled insane and illegal just a few years ago. Today awful things happen and no one seems to care. Bush is caught in lie after lie and there is no outrage. Truth is no longer required from the president when it comes to domestic and international matters. It was required of President Clinton when it came to intimate matters that had absolutely nothing to do with lives and deaths. No wonder we are all feeling funky. We are all suffering from post traumatic shock syndrome after watching our country go straight to hell. This occurred with the blessings of the majority of Americans. They sent their blessings from the vortex of stupidity, ignorance and arrogance.

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