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Tuesday, September 14

Bitchin' and Wanting to Know What You Think

by pissed off patricia
According to a poll that CNN talked about today, bush's bounce after the convention is over and he has landed flat on his ass.  Seems we are back to being pretty much even between the two candidates.  So watch out!  We all know Rove is looking around in his evil bag of tricks for his next attack plan.  What will it be?  Will they blame all the hurricanes on Kerry?  Will they say Kerry is insane?  Will they deny Kerry is American?  Oh wait, they sorta already tried that, didn't they?  What will it be?  Help me here and tell me what kind of garbage will we see tossed from the bush camp next.  With this bunch of hoods, nothing is beyond them.  No crap is too crappy.  So how crappy do you think it will get?

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