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Wednesday, September 22

Bitchin' About the Insanity, but With a Touch of Humor

by pissed off patricia

You know, maybe we're taking this terrorist deal a little too far. I mean refusing to let a guy enter our country just because he sang some pretty sucky songs in the seventies? That really doesn't rise to the level of a serious threat to the country, does it? If it does, I bet there are some popular country singers who are feeling a little nervous this morning. They too have recorded some damned sucky stuff. If Ray Charles were still alive he wouldn't be nervous at all. Ray never did anything sucky.

Okay, now that we are safe from Cat Stevens, when are they going to crack down on the television preachers? That's what I want to know. These guys tell their viewers that all sorts of wonderful things will happen to them if they will just write a big check and send it to "God Needs Your Bucks if You Want to Go to Heaven"
These poor gullible people follow the instructions, and donors, thy name is fleeced.
This is fraud in every single sense of the word. These phonies promise people something they cannot deliver and the contributor loses his or her money forever. I think protecting Americans from the crooked charlatans on TV is a lot more important than protecting Americans from Cat Stevens and his old sucky songs.

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