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Wednesday, September 15

Back in the US, Back in the US, Back in the USSR

Vladmir Putin is taking a strong stand on terror and has decided that doing away with elections of regional governors by constituents and replacing them with Kremlin selected governors confirmed by local legislatures is one way. Another way to fight terrorism is to make all of the delegates in the national Duma electable from party lists. At present, half of them are elected directly by voters. Putin plans to start a new anti-terror agency. He is also considering restoring the death penalty, instituting tighter controls on foreigners and the creation of a colour-coded alert system which has served the US so very well. Putin claims that national unity is important during this time of unrest and ironically Colin Powell has said "the fight against terrorism should not become an excuse to move away from "democratic reforms."" Russia rejects Powell's claim today.

Putin claims that the terrorists are trying to break up Russia though and a central government was key to preventing attacks on its citizens. "The fight against terrorism should become a national task," Putin said. A week ago Putin charged that the US was undermining Russia's war on terrorism by supporting Chechen separatists. Apparently the US was calling Chechen separatists "freedom fighters" and Putin wholeheartedly disagreed. "Osama Bin Laden attacked the United States saying he was doing it because of policies in the Middle East," Putin said. "Do you call him a freedom fighter?"

I'm not getting in the middle of this one. I don't know enough about it. I am positive that we do not know the whole story and probably never will. It is rather hilarious to see the US telling Russia what to do... the US, that bastion of international counterterrorism... fighting those evil Iraqi's over there so we don't have to battle them here on our soil. Iraq is a terrible mess. Sometimes I am almost tempted to tell Bush "Ok go ahead, take 4 more years and fix it you freaking idiot who always gets bailed out of every mess you ever made in your pathetic life." But then I regain my composure and realize that our democracy is at stake, since Bushie missed the class on what a democracy means, not that we ever really had one here exactly but I thought we were trying.

Now I fully understand why there are wars and there were wars and why there will always be wars: Certain people were created with an itch to be powerful. A bunch of others who aren't too bright, known as goons in organized crime, think it's pretty cool to ally with the powerful so they go along blindly with anything the itchy ones who want to play god say and do. Then there are a whole bunch of other people who just want to mind their business, do their thing rather honestly, get along, compromise, play nicely and live in peace. These peaceful, diplomatic people absolutely bug the shit out of the powerful bully types and because they are so self-contented, they are seen as wimps and conquerable. But push them and push them and push them and baby you've got a rebellion, then you are talking about war and this has been going on since the beginning of time and somehow people decided that god had something to do with this. I think this is probably why people invented god. I'm just rambling here. Don't mind me. (I invented this blog to work out my thoughts on these things. Who knew that people would visit?)

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