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Tuesday, September 28

Back and Still Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

First before I say anything else, thank you all once again for all the sweet and encouraging comments you left me last week. It must have worked because I came home to conditions no worse than I left. We ran to Tampa to avoid Jeanne and Jeanne ran right in our tracks. It hit in Tampa on Sunday and we lost power over there. We came home Monday morning to electricity here. Yesterday our cable was restored, so now I can get Fox news which I missed so damned much. lol

Today our phone service was restored so we are truly good to go. Even the thousand dollar screening that we had done after Frances weathered the storm. Not a tear anywhere. Whew! You guys wouldn't believe the devastation in this area. Someone on the radio said it looked like Baghdad and that's a good comparison. Too bad we can't get the rebuilding funds that Baghdad got with no need to repay the money. So, all in all we were most fortunate at our house, but so incredibly many people were not. It's in the nineties here today and three quarters of our county has no electricity. No electricity means no air condition and that's miserable to the max.

I have kept up a bit on the election front and what I've seen doesn't look great for our guy, does it? The war doesn't look good for our guys either. I did see on TV yesterday that an awful lot of Americans think the war is going well. Okay, those are the ones we need to find. Those folks need some serious mental health attention. They're the ones causing all the problems and we need to talk to them. Also, they need to listen.

I may add some more bitchin' later today, but for now I will bring this to a close. Oh, one more thing. Isn't it enough that we Floridians have had to endure hurricane after hurricane? We are all real tired and now we have to have bush down here for the debate on Thursday. I wish I could ask the bastard one simple question. If Iraq doesn't have to pay back the money that he took out of our pockets via taxes, why do the people of Florida have to pay back the loans they are taking out to rebuild their lives? It's just that simple. When did Americans start taking a backseat to Iraqis? When did that happen and why?

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