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Tuesday, September 21

and even more fascism

Shortly after 9/11, something weird happened in the country. Of course I was terrified and all being a New Yorker, but there was something even weirder going on and I was mad at myself for not remembering everything I ever learned in school about history but I remembered enough to do some research on communism, fascism and hitler because something was just not right with the country and I couldn't put my finger on it right away. Sure I was scared of terrorists, but I was even more scared of becoming a prisoner right in my own country. Our own corporate media was holding major discussions on tv daily about giving up our rights to have a more secure country... as if that was anything that should even be discussed for one instant in a democracy. The bush mouthpieces such as Insanity, Lush Bimbo and O'Lielly were shills for the new fascist dictatorship and americans were eating it up.

One of the themes in this blog and in my friend's blog, Doomocracy is the rise of fascism in the country. Yeah, a bunch of people have said I was nuts, but when I put my mind to researching a topic, I am thorough and it turns out that I wasn't the only one thinking these things. I never said we were totally fascist but the writing is on the wall and the media is set in place for the event when the dictatorship and the revolution happens. Today Maureen Farrell has a column about it in Buzzflash that is a must read.

Remember when we were so afraid to speak out? I do. Remember when people kept telling you that you shouldn't say anything against Bush or the war during a time of war? That was fascist. I wasn't this afraid during the Nixon years.

Another thing that caught my attention today was over at DKos and a post about Grover Norquist who was interviewed by the Spanish paper El Mundo. Norquist says that the Democratic party was coming to an end in this country mostly because the great generation, the generation who fought in WW2 is dying and that they were democrats. He says that they defended "anti-american" policies. What an idiot. A fucking stupid idiot. They fought AGAINST FASCISM and they were not all democrats. It's an interesting read and the commenters have good information and ideas about where to address your complaint letters. Here again is an example of how the right is not so gingerly steering us towards getting used to fascism.

There were a few good points brought up about the stock market and americans buying into the whole corporate thing. Mussolini said that corporatism is a nicer word for fascism. Before the great depression, the last time that the country was in danger of becoming fascist, this was also the case. I guess I had better get out my history books and do some more reading. And you can read the book, It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis online!

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