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Wednesday, September 15

America For Dummies

What is the story with this doubletalk coming from Neocons and Neocon mouthpieces? I have been calling it "Opposite Speak". Everything that they accuse people other than themselves of saying or doing is actually what they are saying and doing. It's so blatant that they are practically spitting it in my face. It's very insulting to my intelligence. Orwell called it Newspeak.

Regular people that I meet in life are regurgitating this "Opposite Speak" too.... people whom I once thought had a few brain cells to rub together. I can't even be friends with everyone anymore. I used to be able to be friends with anyone regardless of their political beliefs but now the conservative side is turning so darn dumb that it physically hurts to be in their presence due to constantly scratching my head, squinting while listening to them or trying to think so hard to understand what the hell they are talking about that the veins in my forehead create a throbbing bas relief.

What is going on? Is there or is there not some sort of mass hypnosis that missed some of us? Are the neocons deliberately doing this "Opposite Speak" to piss us off only to then say, "nyah, nyah, there's nothing you can do about it except complain, you liberal, over educated, fancy pants types, you"?

Well I am not going to roll over and play dead just because the country is rife with dummies. What's everyone's take on this? Is this just the way it is? Is this just life? Is there a country somewhere that doesn't have this or is the whole world in on this one world order deal and duking it out while blaming it on terrorists?

Hey I read this uplifting piece when I was doing my Russian research. Peaceful protest topples Georgia's president

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