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Wednesday, September 15

16 More Years of This? oy

In his latest column, "Love Masochism? Vote BushCo! Could four more brutal years of the Dubya nightmare actually be *good* for America?", Mark Morford suggests:
If Kerry wins now, the nation won't have suffered enough, won't have traveled far enough down the road of right-wing egotism and misogyny and homophobia and religious self-righteousness and deficit mauling and sanctimonious ideology and mangled grammar to really learn anything indelible, nothing that will affect a permanent sea change in our worldview, and we will just continue to limp along, never really healing and never really refocusing our intention and never fully understanding the depths of our dark side.

And, furthermore, if Kerry wins, history might not be as fully and inevitably antagonistic toward BushCo as his short, dreadful despotism deserves. Our national memory is frightfully short. Everyone will think, oh well, it's all over now and the damage has been done and it wasn't all that bad, really, was it?
He has a point. I have thought that if Kerry wins, it will just go back to Clinton bashing type times again and no one will have learned anything... No one learned shit after 12 years of nonsense from Reagan and Bush. Bush the first won the presidency even after the Iran Contra scandal and now even Ollie North is some sort of tv star on Fox. Morford claims it might take 16 more years of this torture for it to sink in to the American populace (if we don't shoot ourselves with our automatic weapons) and some of us are going to be rather old by the time the country comes around again. Maybe we should just grab that pendulum by the balls and yank it back to the center as hard as we can while we still have it in us.

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