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Tuesday, August 24

Who's Who in Protest

Newsday today has a centerfold with all the groups expecting to protest at the RNC. You can see the impressive list online. This blonde hasn't decided which event to attend although I've figured out the best way to get to the city without having to deal with the Penn Station lockdown: drive to Queens and take subway.

It's also de rigeur to wear a shirt with an anti-bush/war slogan. My son and I will be sporting anarchist wear from Jesus' General. I will be wearing the Torture is Not A Family Value T shirt and junior insists on wearing the Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney T shirt. It's exciting to be taking my son to his first protest. On the other hand, I can't believe that I'm re-living the tumultuous years of the Nixon Administration.

UPDATE: Theoria at Daily Kos has a wonderful Protest Guide to NYC. It has meet up times, travel information and tips on how to behave. Most importantly, New Yorkers want these protests to be peaceful. Protesters are asked to be on the lookout for criminal behavior. This should be reported to the cops. Protesters should not take the law into their own hands. That's really good advice. Let the bad guys get arrested, not the peace protesters.

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