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Saturday, August 21

White House Blocked Health Risk Information for New Yorkers

and they wonder why there are huge protests planned. duh.

When the RNC comes to town, New Yorkers should walk up to the delegates and cough in their faces. I know I sound like a broken record* but how dare they come to NY to nominate an administration that is responsible for hundreds of serious illnesses in NY due to this (Sierra Club):
On August 21, 2003, the Inspector General for the federal Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") released a disturbing 165-page report documenting the fact that the White House Council on Environmental blocked health risk information that EPA wanted to release to the public following the September 11, 2001 attack.

This report ... identifies how not only EPA but also the Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA") and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") failed the Ground Zero community, misinforming them about hazards and failing to take proper action to prevent exposures...

This report documents why the federal government's failures cannot be excused by ignorance, surprise or emergency conditions, or by blaming workers who didn't wear protective masks. It warns that the Bush administration intends to make some of these failures into standard procedure for national emergencies....

EPA failed to find toxic hazards because it did not look for them. Others did look, using proper technology that the federal government not only knew about but possessed, and found them. Even worse, EPA failed to revise its public health assurances even as this specific independent data on hazards became available. Leaders in the Bush Administration failed to change their statements of assurance about safety even after it became clear that people were getting sick. Many of the workers at and near Ground Zero did not have proper protective gear, and those that did have it received conflicting information about the need to use it.

OSHA refused to enforce federal worker safety requirements at Ground Zero, wrongly claiming that it had no authority in national emergencies. It then continued this refusal long after the emergency had passed, and long after it became apparent that environmental safety at Ground Zero was being compromised. EPA and FEMA, in concert with New York City's own health department, told families that they could clean up the contaminated dust themselves with wet rags. In fact, they actually discouraged area residents from wearing safety masks.

You must read this whole article from Sierra Club to get more shocking details. This is not propaganda. The story was not considered "newsworthy" across America but we knew locally about the horrendous crime against New Yorkers that the Bush administration perpetrated after 9/11.

This is yet another reason why the RNC is so not wanted in New York. It's not bad enough that the NYC Health Department was in on this, but you would think you could trust your Federal Government to advise citizens about air quality dangers after a terrorist attack that is a result of their foreign policy. The Bush Administration hates New York. They have no right to come here. Period.

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