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Monday, August 23

Viva La Democracy!

It's Ceausescu-esque according to my best friend who knows first hand that you were told to clap and cheer loudly when their dictator spoke. People were bussed in to applaud loudly back in Romania before Mr and Mrs Ceausescu got theirs.

The difference between Bush and Ceausescu supporters though is that Ceausescu forced people to clap and cheer for him whether they liked him or not. Bush has hoodwinked a 'not too bright' part of the populace into believing that he is a man of god indeed.

Case in point from the Charleston Gazette:
Supporters at Hedgesville rally cite Bush's religious values

Associated Press Writer

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. (AP) -- Forget the war. Forget the economy. For many George Bush supporters, the presidency is about something more fundamental -- faith.

It's about their faith in him, and his faith in God.

Cindy Wilson, of Keyser, takes comfort in the knowledge that Bush is a Christian, she said, because if he is uncertain of a decision, God will make it for him.

"I believe the Bible is our guidebook, our user manual for life,'' said Wilson, who joined a crowd of at least 7,500 at Hedgesville High School for a Bush campaign rally Tuesday night.

"When man depends on man, we're limited,'' she said. "But God is limitless and will help him make the right choices.''

Bush drew his loudest applause when talking about social issues that resonate with conservatives including marriage and family. And he said what they wanted to hear when he declared that trying times demand "a strong and abiding faith.''

Sandra Kinnanan, of Charles Town, is unapologetic about her faith and the president.

"He opposes partial birth abortion and stem-cell research, and he believes in keeping God front and center,'' she said. "He stands for the values of myself, my husband and my family.''

Democratic challenger John Kerry may be a religious man too, she said, "but on those issues he's on the wrong side.''

Kinnanan said she cares about other issues including the economy, "but to me, if you have faith and the core of being God-centered, everything else will go with that. You'll have the right perspective in addressing jobs and other issues.''

For others in the crowd, the relevance of faith was more difficult to express, but just as important.

"I just love him, he's a good man,'' said Andrea Allen, of Hedgesville. "He has good morals.''

Janet Lyons, of Martinsburg, believes Bush's faith helps him withstand critics on the war in Iraq and other controversial policies.

"I like the fact that he isn't afraid to do what he thinks is right,'' she said.

"There's plenty of jobs out there,'' she said. "People just don't want to work.''

Bush paused several times during his speech as the crowd of several thousand chanted, "Four More Years, Four More Years,'' to drown out a single demonstrator every time he shouted comments about the Iraq war and the failure to find weapons of mass destruction there.

"I haven't seen or heard anything about Kerry that's made me want to vote for him,'' he said. "Everything Bush has done hasn't been the best, but he's done a good job overall.''

Even 9-year-old Jonathan Frisby, who came from Mechanicsburg, Pa., with his grandmother, had an opinion.

"Kerry is going to raise taxes, and Bush will get us into wars we don't belong in,'' he said. "I'd vote for Bush, because I'd rather be in a war than spend a lot of money.''

I do believe that this AP reporter was making a very serious point that those with discerning eyes will notice.

Bush is having commie dictator type rallies staged and pretends he is a religious, moral man. People are more worried about stem cell research, so called morality and marriage values than the economy and war when it comes to a presidential election. We are not electing a pope. We are electing someone to lead a secular nation. A nation filled with people of various religious beliefs who must live together somehow in peace.

I spent last night listening to Laura Flanders on Air America talking to callers who are planning to come to NYC next week to protest what has to be the most bogus president in our history. There are dozens and dozens of very organized peaceful protests planned. Get ready for a revolution folks. I haven't heard that word used so much since the Nixon years. This time it isn't being voiced by college kids who are on the verge of being drafted, this time it's coming from adults and veterans. A very important thing to watch out for say the Philly police to the NYC police: anarchists (RNC agents) may pose as protesters in order to heat up the protests and turn them into riots. This wouldn't be the first time that peaceful protests turned into riots because of planted "hippies/anarchists".

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