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Saturday, August 14

tv media rant of the day...

Well you can't even believe tv media because it doesn't make sense when you see what I saw last evening on CNN. I believe we were looking for hurricane coverage (my excuse for having CNN on) and saw that bush and kerry were visiting the same state yesterday. Cut to bush telling the koolaid drinkers that the economy was good and that there were lots of new jobs. Cut to kerry telling people the opposite. Cut to cnn reporter and no comment. No comment? What if I didn't know anything, how would I know that bush is the liar? CNN just reports what people say and doesn't verify it one way or the other? That's dumb. That's not helping citizens at all. That's a travesty and no wonder people still support bush.

It implies that they take for granted that lying is acceptable and it's the job of the one being lied about to prove that the liars are lying. Do you get that feeling too? What a fascist society this is. I have to write letters about this today to about a zillion newspapers. I hope you will too.

An astute reader pointed out what I forgot to mention a million times. Is Tim Russert supposed to be a journalist or just a TV moderator? I guess just a TV moderator. He allowed O'Lielly to bully Krugman and accuse him of writing things he didn't write, wouldn't allow Krugman to answer and didn't even have facts to back up that Krugman was right and O'Lielly was wrong. Russert always does that too. What good is he? You could have a trained chimp do what he does. Look at bush. He's a trained chimp and is having those "meet the preznit" talk shows across the country, but he only allows those who already support him to come to see him. What good is that if he's preaching to the choir?

I watched Bill Maher last night with Gary Hart. I like Gary Hart. Gary Hart warned of the imminent terrorist attack on September 5th, 2001. Obviously it wasn't taken seriously. He says we are going to be attacked again. He didn't say if it would be in New York. Oh god. Not NY. Not again. We are having the RNC in a couple of weeks. Don't we have enough shit here?

Michelle Malkin was on with Bill Maher. She didn't get a lot of time to speak though. The audience booed her quite a bit which was good (it satisfied the bitch in me). I would have to say that even though she is a nasty thing and makes nasty faces all the time, so much so that you'd really like to put your foot through her face, she actually behaved herself. (She probably didn't have a choice.) She and Bill Maher did agree on one thing, not the interment camp thing, but the fact that 60 year old white ladies should not receive the same scrutiny as those who fit the terrorist profile at airport security. She also mentioned the Sec of Transportation Minetta was a victim of Japanese interment camps during WW2 and she feels that that is what makes him believe that no one in America should be beyond scrutiny. I don't know if that is true. Maher didn't dispute that, so maybe it is true. He tends to dispute lies on his shows.

D.L. Hughley who admitted to having a GED was also participating and was more intelligent than Malkin. I think that Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) is really handsome and smart (he was on too). He cut off Malkin a lot.

TV media is sure covering the hurricane. Florida has been ravaged. Bush stumbled through a statement and I think he declared Fla. a disaster area. It's hard to tell what he's talking about. So many senior citizens are homeless. It's tragic. Batten down the hatches, North Carolina.

My family is supposed to fly in from Hawaii tomorrow and what's left of the hurricane is supposed to be here on Long Island at that time. They might be coming home to Pittsburgh. heh. We're not expecting too much of a storm here. I can't remember the name of the last hurricane that made a mess. Very cute guys came here from other utility companies to help out. I remember Gloria in 1985 quite well. It hit where I live dead on. My trees were pruned for free. It took 5 days to get the electricity back. I was 8 months pregnant and not a happy camper. Rich people's homes were washed out to sea. Isn't there something in the bible about fools building their houses on sand? Hmmmm. The rich people who live on the ocean must not be republicans or they would know what the bible says about that.

Ok enough bitching for now. Where's Patricia? She hasn't checked in yet from Florida.

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