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Friday, August 20

Texas Makes Another Contribution to National Politics. . .and it is ugly, of course

by Jaye Ramsey Sutter,
Guest Correspondent, Texas Coast

Just when you were sure that Texas could not offer you more political players in which to have pride. . .

We have of course given you Bush, Karl Rove, Big Dick Cheney (he had a homestead exemption on his Texas house and in order to qualify for one that house must be the primary residence) Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, John O’Neill, and now Bob Perry.

Bob Perry is a real estate developer and builder. In 2002, his company, Perry Homes earned $420 million. He has given over $5.2 million to Texas candidates in the last 3 years. And he has given $200,000 to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Perry has been connected to Karl Rove since 1986 when they both worked to get William Clements elected as the first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction.

According to the fine folks at Texas Freedom Network and the Texas Ethics Commission, Perry has given the following sums of campaign contributions to the following notorious Texans:

“Perry contributed $46,000 to George W. Bush’s 1994 and 1998 campaigns for Texas Governor. He has contributed the maximum allowable $2,000 to Bush’s current reelection.

Perry was the largest individual contributor to the Texas Republican Party during the recent 2002-election cycle (calendar 2001 & 2002) giving $905,000.

Perry is Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry’s (no relation) largest patron, having contributed $225,000 since 2001.

Perry was the largest individual contributor to Republican Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst’s 2002 campaign, giving $115,000.

Perry was the largest individual contributor to Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s 2002 campaign, giving $387,600. Perry’s wife Doylene gave Abbott an additional $150,000.

Perry was the second largest individual contributor to Republican Texas Comptroller Carole Strayhorn’s 2002 campaign, giving $100,000.

Perry was the largest contributor to Tom DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority PAC (TRMPAC) giving $165,000 in the 2002 election cycle. TRMPAC is currently the subject of a criminal investigation by a Travis Country grand jury for allegedly misusing corporate contributions in the 2002 state elections.
Perry was the single largest contributor to the Texas Association of Business PAC in 2002, giving $105,000. The Association is also under criminal investigation for misuse of corporate funds in the 2002 Texas elections.

Perry contributed a total of $595,500 directly to the campaigns of 23 GOP legislative candidates in the 2002 cycle, including the 21-candidate slate supported by TRMPAC.

Perry contributed $95,000 to Texan Tom DeLay’s Republican Majority Issues PAC in 2001.

Perry has been a primary funder of efforts to limit civil liability in Texas, contributing $415,000 to Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, the state’s largest non-party political committee.” This particular affront to the rights of Texans to sue the hell out of doctors and corporations that injury them seriously chaps my recent law school graduate ass. Until now, Texans had a constitutional right to their day in court. Those days are dead. Your day is dangerously close to extinction, too.

You see, there is indeed a vast right wing conspiracy. Senator Edward Kennedy said the Iraqi War was cooked up down in Texas. The Florida election clam bake was run by Texans like James Baker and that data services company that purged registered voters was a Texas outfit, too. Texans are now trying to cook Senator John Kerry, too.

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