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Saturday, August 28

Start Spreading the News...

It's starting. You've no doubt heard about the nude protesters for AIDS. Last night the NYPD arrested 250 cycling protesters out of a possible 5,000 cyclers. You can see pictures of the arrests here.
It is illegal to ride your bike more than 2 abreast in NYC and you must stay in the bike lanes. What is usually a monthly Critical Mass bike ride turned into an anti-RNC protest. Imagine that! Here's a first hand account from a cyclist about some err um... police intimidation.

I have been hearing a lot of complaining on the news about the protesters disrupting the city. The right wingers are just furious. I kind of don't blame them for being pissed off at the disruptions if they in fact are city denizens trying to get from point A to Point B, however, I find it odd that they don't have a clue as to the enormity of pissedoffedness of American people. They keep branding everyone as radical liberals and anarchists, but they are so wrong. And these protests aren't only about electing Kerry. They just don't get it. It's all about being anti-fascism. Anti-Bush.

For years the media has been ignoring bush protests. The only possible way to get attention is for hundreds of anti-bush rallies to convene on the city with hundreds of thousands of protesters in attendence. Bush has asked for this for 4 years. He is so afraid of NY that he will just pop in to make his speech on Thursday and then fly right out.

The real people to watch out for and be wary of in NYC during the RNC are the neonazi right wing groups who will be there to protest the protesters. They will do all in their power to make the peaceful protests turn into a riot.

Hookers with STDs are already in NY getting ready for the republicans.

UPDATE: Astute reader, Paul brought it to my attention that you'd better not mount your placards on sticks and use NJ Transit. Sticks are never ever allowed on trains. Sticks can cause damage to the trains and others. Paul recommends an umbrella since they are much safer.

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