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Sunday, August 15

Sort of Retraction

My friend was here last light and wanted to watch Olympics.
So I watched.
I was pleasantly surprised because the sap was gone! They now have a website where you can go and see all the details about your favorite athlete if you want to. What a great idea. Someone must have gotten to NBC, that's all I can say.

BUT What is left that is truly annoying are the "experts" but you can always turn down the sound. I was watching men's 400 Individual Medley (swimming) and the whole time, some idiot expert was yelping about the leader, Michael Phelps being weak in this particular stroke, then weak in that particular stroke, and probably wouldn't break any records. Every time he yelped, I screamed at the tv to tell him to shut up so I could just watch the race. It looked fine to me. Do I need to know that his butterfly is weak? Well he was ahead of everyone in every single type of stroke, so he didn't look weak to me, and even if the so called "expert" was a former swimmer, so the hell what because at the end of it all, Michael Phelps broke the world record. So much for the expert texperts.

I had no idea that there was such a thing as sychronized diving. It was quite beautiful. I think that the men should have the same amount of tan though. It would look better. Once again, the expert was completely wrong predicting how good the dive was. We have to take issue with the experts now and tell NBC to put the experts on the website too and just leave the announcer.

Other than that, the Olympics are safe to watch... just turn down the volume.

N.B.: There are hardly any spectators at the Olympics. Talk about empty stadiums. Turns out Athenians go away on vacation in August, even if the Olympics are coming to town.

P.S. Charley blew through here last night around midnight. Not much wind. Lots of rain. We lucked out but poor poor Florida. Oh my God. I'm so so sorry. Really. Still waiting for Pissed off Patricia (Fla.) to check in. Waiting for Michael in NC to check in.

HURRICANE UPDATE SUN. AUG 15: CNN announced last night that Bush was going to visit Florida while Kerry said he wasn't. It turns out that a Presidential visit rather disrupts clean ups and search and rescue missions. Normally Presidents don't make visits to disaster scenes right away because they cause too much hoopla. Makes sense. But Bush has a more important task: to do everything differently than his father did.

CNN went on to say that possibly one of the reasons Bush I lost re-election was that he didn't take the Hurricane Andrew situation seriously enough when he was president and Bush II is going to see that he doesn't make his father's mistake. (recurring theme or what?) I do believe I have shifted to a parallel universe or something. Where am I?

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