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Tuesday, August 31

The RNC So Far

It's more like the NY Tourist Bureau Convention than the RNC so far. Seriously. Former Mayor Ed "how am I doing" Koch, a democrat, spoke at the convention, then former NYC mayor Rudy Guiliani a moderate republican gave a rah rah speech for NY, then we'll have Gov. Pataki who except for his death penalty, which hasn't been used yet and probably never will be used, is essentially a democrat compared to the Bushites. This is New York's PR Team. Even if they disagree with Bush politically, they won't tell because they are out to show the world that New York has come back since 9/11 thanks to Republican leadership. yawn. Rudy said on CNN this morning that he will always be mayor of NYC.

Moderate Republican speakers will be touting Bush as a good 'leader' because they can't really talk about how much they admire his social policies... and they had to think of something!

Rudy Guiliani and George Pataki are looking for some sort of future in national politics so they jumped on the Bush bandwagon although ideologically they have very little in common. New York is a far cry from Texas. Our republicans and their republicans are different animals. We have republocrats. I guess it's all politics because it makes no sense to a thinking person.

PS. What the hell is Don King doing at the RNC? He just called Bush a "white liberal". hahahahhahahhahaha. What's he been smoking?

Wow, it's A31 day in NY. Check it out.

UPDATE: I was just visiting Dark Window and Pete M., who slays me, has a lot to say about September 11th coming early this year. Ho ho ho.

The festivities will include John McCain reading some favorite passages from My Pet Goat and Rudy Giuliani hopping from one part of the stage to another to demonstrate how Mr. Bush so skillfully evaded the terrorists that day.

There's even talk that Zell Miller will hide behind the podium during his keynote address to remind voters of Dick Cheney's role after the attacks.

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