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Thursday, August 19

Reservists under the age of 60 are being activated

Kind of a weird story out of Texas. A 57 year old veteran and reservist who has skin cancer, is partially deaf and has high blood pressure has been ordered to report to a mobilization unit Sept. 15 at Fort Jackson, S.C or go to jail. He re-enlisted in the Individual Ready Reserve in 2003 because "I wanted to stay in for a hobby." However, he didn’t anticipate being sent to active duty. A hobby? hmmm.
"I’m honored to go, but I’m disabled and I’m too old," he said.

But the Army disagrees.

Reservists under the age of 60 are being activated, said Public Affairs Specialist Julia Collins of the Human Resources Command in St. Louis.

"I know many guys who are in that position," she said. "It’s not unusual."

Though his physical health is less than sterling, Treviño thinks the Army may need his expertise. Treviño is a refueling specialist, an expert in petroleum, oils and lubricants.

"The Army is going to try to keep me there. Sergeants are very high in demand," he said.

Collins agreed that Treviño’s skill is needed.

Sounds like they are running out of young people to sacrifice serve in Iraq.

"If I have to go, I’ll go. That’s my job. I’m not a coward," he said. "The only concern I have is my skin cancer and my age. I’m pushing 58. I’m an old dingbat," says the drafted Trevino.

58 isn't that old these days. But he is a dingbat for sure.

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