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Tuesday, August 31

The Real Anarchists

So today Rudy Guiliani told viewers on "The View" that people are either with him or with the nazi's and then he went on to tell viewers how lucky we were that Bush was preznit when terrorists hit NY on 9/11 because Al Gore wouldn't have known what to do. Of course Al Gore was only VP for 8 years and wouldn't have a clue who to call while Bush admirably demonstrated that he took cover in a school for over a half hour risking the lives of hundreds of children before he took off on his plane to an airforce base where a bunch of CEOs were having a golf outing in an underground bunker, but that was just a coincidence.

According to James C. Moore, Co-Author of "Bush's Brain" Karl Rove's plan is to get the Jews over to the Republican side because they want to take their money from the Democratic party. He wants tort reform so he can put rich lawyers who support Democrats out of business. He wants to put unions who support Democrats out of commission. Then he will continue to drain the national coffers off all the money until the government can no longer function and take care of its citizens. America will finally fail and become a Rovian, one party nation. Most people aren't paying attention to this. Will Rove win?

Rah Rah Bush! Rah Rah America!

It feels like we are living in a collection of dystopian novels happening all at once. The real anarchists are those who are in power right now.

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