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Saturday, August 28

Oh What The Hell

A great big kick in the ass goes to Gwinnett County's Grayson High School in Georgia.

I live in the Town of Hempstead, NY. I grew up in the Village of Hempstead, NY. Apparently the school officials in Georgia have never heard of us as they sent a student home from school who sported a Tshirt that said "Hempstead, NY 516" thinking it related to drugs. 516 is the area code... ooooohhhhhh. does that relate to drugs too? The zip is 11550 as I recall.

Hempstead is the nation's largest township, with 759,000 residents spread across 22 villages and more than 142 square miles. That's right, we have almost a million people squished here .

You must have heard of us! We have very nice ocean beaches and bay beaches as well. Good sailing and boating. Great golf courses and good schools in some areas where the tax base is high. The schools suck where the tax base is mostly minority people. (Something should be done about that.) We have pretty good sanitation service and the roads get plowed in snow storms. I guess with all the news we have gotten lately, a lot of people have heard of us. I have tried to get one of those shirts to wear to NYC tomorrow but they are no where to be found now. Waldbaums supermarket in my area had them for a while and no one thought anything of it until this news story hit.

Thanks again to astute reader Paul for bringing this up to me. I read it in the paper yesterday and thought it was a hoot. Today in Newsday they have a picture of that toy with the plane and the towers that I posted yesterday. Wow. That's bad.

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