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Friday, August 20

Oh My Gawd, I love this...

You can now get high on booze and still stick to your Atkins Regime. This is great.

With this booze, you don't gulp - you gasp.

A machine that converts alcohol into breathable mist is slated to make its U.S. debut tonight in a trendy Meatpacking District bar, although some lawmakers aren't cheering.

Called Alcohol Without Liquid (AWoL), the machine is billed as creating a low-calorie, hangover-free buzz. Promoters say it's big with clubbers in England, where the nonliquid libation was introduced in February.

"People just love it," said Kevin Morse of American distributor Spirit Partners. "It's exciting, it's new and it's the first big thing that has happened to alcohol consumption since we started drinking it."

But NY officials, the party poopers that they are... I mean this with all my heart when I say that NY officials do not want anyone to have a good time... have put a poo poo on this wonderful new invention:

But a spokesman for the Trust Lounge, which plans to unveil the vodka vaporizer, said complaints from elected officials could force bartenders back to pouring drinks.

"It looks like it might be illegal," the spokesman said. "New York State law doesn't allow separating alcohol from the rest of alcoholic beverages, which is exactly what this machine does.

See what I mean? I don't know how they are going to control obesity in NY when first they ban smoking, which makes smokers eat more and now banning gaseous booze before it even gets started, which would save a lot in calories... oy vey. Another day in Nueva York.

There is risotteria in NYC however where it's not illegal, ahem, to have gluten-free pizza & beer in addition to other gluten-free and vegetarian specialites if you're watching calories. Risotteria won't be catering for the Catholic Church as far as I know.

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