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Monday, August 16

More Lies and Deception

What really steams me is that the TV news media allows Bush to get away with lies. If a news outlet actually reported the truth, then that outlet is considered leftist. What is leftist about the truth? I had a conversation with a friend last night who insists that CNN is leftist. I told him that in no way is CNN leftist because they do not say boo when Bush lies. A leftist network would have been all over this. There are no leftist news networks. A real network with journalistic integrity would simply have shown numbers and perhaps left out the Bush propaganda speech.

Pundits are outraged because Jon Stewart gets so much attention. Well yeah, assclowns because Jon Stewart actually reports on what is said by politicians and then contrasts it with what is real. Why is that so shocking?

I'm tired of hard working middle class people telling me that they are enjoying their tax cuts. Check this out:


As a presidential candidate in 2000, George W. Bush pledged his tax cut
proposals "are especially focused on low and moderate income families."[1]
Those proposals became law - but a new study by the non-partisan
Congressional Budget office reveals that Bush mislead America about their

According to the CBO study, the wealthiest 1 percent of all taxpayers -
whose earnings average $1.2 million - are receiving an average tax cut of
$78,420 this year.[3] Meanwhile, the middle 20 percent of taxpayers - whose
earnings average $51,000 - are getting only a $1,090 cut.[4] Those in the
bottom 20% - averaging earnings of $16,620 - get just a $250 cut.[5] The
result: "President Bush's tax cuts have shifted federal tax payments from
the richest Americans to a wide swath of middle-class families."[6]

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Visit for more about Bush Administration distortion.

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