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Wednesday, August 25

More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

In a comment under Jaye's piece "Uppity Texas Woman Wants The Courts Open to Everyone!" Liz made the following statement:

"It seems that since we got a faux cowboy as in the white house the country is going to hell along with the constitution.
Has anyone noticed that he talks like he's in a western movie? He's all twangy now and darn tootin' and all that? What the hell is going on? He doesn't stand up straight.. he hangs over the podium, leaning on it like he needs it to hold him up... he's trying to be one of the guys?"

Whew, I'm glad she said that, because I have been thinking the same exact thing. Maybe it's a blonde thing or something. Anyway, I thought that perhaps I was just so anti-bush that I was imagining it. This Ya hoo cowboy shit showed itself again yesterday when he came out of his secure hiding hole at the "ranch" with his band of bandits. He was walking like he had just dismounted from his horse, which he had been riding since birth. Of course we know it's not true, but that's how it looked. I expected him to strap on a toy six-shooter and show us his fast draw. Jeez louise, it would be freakin' comical if it weren't so freakin' weird.

Lately when he's doing his stump speeches he walks and stands like a Neanderthal. He looks like he hasn't quite evolved yet to the walking upright family of apes. Maybe he's regressing back to his roots, his primate roots.

I think we better keep an eye on this little buckaroo, because it seems something is happening here, and what it is isn't exactly clear. Maybe he's become a transformer instead of a uniter. He sure as hell has transformed our country in the last four years, hasn't he? We have been transformed from a country respected to a country repulsed by the rest of the world. Thanks, you silly assed little faux gunslinger.

Perhaps in george's little cowboy/cowpoke world we might see the following scene:

(Picture the fake cowboy or the real primate with his swagger and his drawl.)

He rides into town, gets off his trusty steed, and swaggers across the dusty street to the local saloon. He throws open the swinging doors of the saloon and then for no reason at all, he draws both his guns from his hip holster and blows the place and everyone inside to pieces. He turns around, walks back out through the swinging doors, casually blows the smoke away from his still smoking gun barrels and says, "That's how you keep the peace!"

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