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Wednesday, August 25

More Bitchin' and More Bitchin'

by pissed off patricia

My take on the showdown today between Max Cleland and the Faux Cowboy.

(Imagine the music from any Clint Eastwood cowboy movie playing in the background.)

Max, don't give me no crap, Cleland, rolled in to Crawford Texas today and he rolled right up to Faux George Cowboy bush's bunkhouse. Max yelled, "Faux Cowboy, I'm calling your sorry ass out" Max waited as the clock stuck noon. No sign of the Faux Cowboy. Max yelled again, "Come on chicken shit, I've got a message for you. I know you're in there." Still no sign of the Faux Cowboy. Max waited in the hot Texas sun. The Cowboy never showed his head outside the bunkhouse.

Max was disgusted as he rolled away into the sunset. The Faux Cowboy was too afraid to come face to face with a real veteran gunslinger. Max had rolled away but his shadow stayed behind and his words echoed over the prairie. Max proved once again that bravery and guts are what it's all about. The Faux Cowboy proved once again that he had neither.

The end


Cleland Tries to Deliver Letter to Bush

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