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Friday, August 27

Mommy, was there ever a smart or good republican president?




Not in my lifetime, honey. No.

Mom, was Reagan evil?



Not sure, honey. I believe he was out of his mind. When grandpa got alzheimers, don't you remember everyone saying that Reagan must have had alzheimers too cause their behavior seemed the same? In the early stages, they could put on a good show, but there was something just a bit off. It seemed scripted and somehow familiar.

Mom, is Bush evil or just dumb?

I think both honey. Well maybe he isn't evil on purpose, he just lacks the intellectual capacity to comprehend what he is doing because he is blinded by his hatred of his father. If hatred and revenge are evil, then I suppose he is.

Mom, then how did Reagan and Bush get to be president?

That's easy. Smart and evil people with the PR skills of Bill Gates run the show from behind the scenes. If they nominated an intelligent man, they wouldn't be able to control the country because an intelligent person wouldn't put up with it.

Mom, what's all this god talk with the republicans?

That's a more complicated question. Remember I used to ask the next door neighbors who were very involved in local republican politics and our church, how they were able to reconcile being Catholic and Republican? They just would reply with a pat answer from the bible taken completely out of context. Willfully ignorant people try to justify their prejudices and fears by hiding behind the bible and blaming everything on god's will.

Anyway, you really don't have to be smart to be the president. The president doesn't really run the show. Remember what happened to our last president who actually was smart and tried to run the show? He was vilified daily.

Mom, how come bush has a good chance of being re-elected if he is so dumb and if his religion is all screwed up?

Read this honey. I have to vacuum now.

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